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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Amazon Associates | The Drama Queens

Now, anyone who has read this blog would know of my intense dislike of Amazon's associate programme, their non-existent customer services, and their utter contempt for anyone who particiaptes in it. And I stand shoulder to shoulder with any associate trying to get Amazon to at least improve it (as long as it doesn't cost me money, in which case, you're on your own son). But please, can some associates stop announcing for the 20th time in Amazon's message boards that their leaving the programme and stomping their feet. I swear one associate has been announcing for the last six months that's he's leaving and yet he's still there announcing he's leaving.

If your leaving then leave. If not, then stay. It's that simple. Why the Eric Roberts over the top acting style of kind of drawing a sundial when you ask him the time like response? Nobody would give a shit if I left, certainly not Amazon, and why should they? I'm not naive enough to think that what I generate in sales is anything other than a ripple in the dollar ocean of Amazon sales. I venture to say that individually most associates can say no more.

All of us leaving is not going to happen because at the end of day Amazon is better than nothing and by nothing I mean some other affiliate sites which, well, how can I put it politely, wouldn't know a sale if it can up and introduced itself.

Most of us know that and reluctantly accept it. Most of us will take down links to Amazon if we find something better. In other words, we move on.

What we don't do is take an advert out in the national press to announce our immediate retirement in ten years time from the Amazon associate programme.

Amazon must piss themselves reading such bollocks.