the diaries of a nobody

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Partnership Needed

With the huge increase in traffic the site has got over the last 6 months, reflected in the high alexa ranking, I have been hugely busy and, subsequently, parts of the site have been neglected for too long. Top of this list are the artists websites - people like Dali, Warhol and numerous others which still get huge traffic loads everyday. I've neglected the potential of this traffic for far too long. Also included in this list of neglect are musicians such as David Sylvian, Kraftwerk, and graphic designers like Vaughan Oliver. Huge hits; updated rarely.

What I'm looking for is a partnership with someone who can design a website which can sell memorabilia and works from as many artists as possible. He/she would design it and we both could take care of everyday usage. Both partners would have access to the site and it would be linked to the main site thereby guaranteeing huge traffic levels and would be used as a selling platform. I would promote it and pay for the costs such as data transfer etc. Obviously, the partner could also use it as a selling platform. Percentage cuts etc from sales of items and from the worth of this part of the site as it grows and becomes big could be sorted out at a later date.

In other words, the partner would be getting a chance to tap into an existing high level of visitors for nothing but a bit of hard work!

These pages could also be used to create an art website with features and news on artists.

The idea is still just that: an idea. It's hazy so if you are interested just e-mail meat and we can see if we can take it any further and put flesh on the bones.