the diaries of a nobody

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tallness is Not Enough

Is the world ready for a short James Bond? The reason I ask is that a guy I work with dreams so much of being James Bond that for his combination for his briefcase he has "007". He's desperate to get the call from the Broccoli family but others have pointed out that his lack of height might be against him (he's 5ft 6).

Now I'm of the opinion that this should play no part in the decision making whatsoever. But others have pointed out that some people might not want to see Ursula Andress towering over the hero and there might be queres at the box office demanding: "You've given us a sawn-off Bond, we want sawn-off prices."

I've disagreed with them. I think this is discrimination and just goes to show what a timewarp Bond now finds himself in.

As you can see from my pic here, I'm an ugly twat: does that mean that in today's society of live and let live (there's almost a Bond pun there) an ugly man can't play Bond? Must I always be considered to play a Bond baddie because of something I have no control over and something which shouldn't matter anyway? That's just not right.

Thinking about it: I'm never going to part with my hard earned cash again to see another Bond movie. Put that in your pipe, Broccoli Bond producer family, and smoke it.

Food for thought.