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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Worst Affiliate Site

This is for webmasters who are thinking of affiliate sites to join to earn extra cash. In my experience the affiliate sites mentioned below are affiliate sites in name only and are to be avoided like the plague.

Earns Little/No Commission

Oh, this is a tough one. So many affiliate sites; so few sales. Never has so little been earned from so many affiliate sites as Winston Churchill might have said.

Out of the amazons the best of the worst is The worst is (France). I mean what is the point of Someone tell me cos I haven't a clue. is somewhat similar to London buses in that you wait five years for a bus/sale and two buses/sales come a long at once. Then when, eventually, payment was due they then decided they needed more info which meant more delays. Why they coudn't have requested that info when I joined is beyond me. Avoid.

However, the worst overall in my experience is Or, not so easy art to shift if your an affiliate I sent huge traffic loads over there and saw so few sales I gave up. Not only that but when I last looked it didn't even have a facility to tell you online how few sales you had made. Some guy would e-mail you once a month with a spreadsheet of loads of daily traffic but bugger all sales.

Again there was a delay in payment when it was due. Funny that. There was a deathly silence so I e-mailed them. No, they didn't have provision to send the old-fashioned cheque - they had to "blah blah blah" (translates: delay delay delay).

A total and utter waste of time.

If you are a new webmaster then I would advice you to avoid all affiliate sites which are based solely on you getting them sales as they are unfair. You have to work hard to get traffic and if you send a percentage of this hard earned traffic to these crap sites then you are doing so only on a promise that you might get something back. That is fundamentally unfair and morally wrong. Think about it. If you were a newspaper and a company approached you and said they want to advertise with you and might pay you for doing so but then again they might not, it all depends on sales gov, then you would show them the door.

In other words, you are building up their traffic and they might not even pay you. Wonderful for the affiliate site; lousy for you. They are getting all your traffic and only have to pay out when they sell something.

Ask yourself if you would be happy in sending say 20,000 visitors in a quarter and in return you make £10.00.

Far better are the pay per click schemes. That way you will at least be paid something and and the more traffic you send them the more you make. It gives a monetary value to your traffic and that at least is fair. The affiliate site values your traffic enough to want to buy into it.

If you go for pay per click schemes then do your own homework on the sites you are interested in. Bottom line: make sure they will pay out.

As a starting point try adsense at It ain't the biggest payer but it's reliable.